Month: February 2018

Crazy Clearance Helmets at Walmart

My daughter and I usually do a quick grocery top-off run at Walmart on Friday or Saturday. Most weeks anyway. They’re doing some major remodeling at the one we typically go to, and we ended up stuck in…

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Temple Square At Night At Christmastime

The LDS Temple in Salt Lake City [INFO HERE] is a staple of the holiday season. From around Thanksgiving to the middle of January, the festive Christmas lights adorn every tree, most of the shrubbery, and even a…

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Bean Trailer at the RV Show

We had some unexpected fun at the recent RV Show in Sandy, Utah. We got to hang out with the wonderful folks at a small local family business. They were excited about our Lone Peak jackets, and that I…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day #kidsart

Tan loves her whiteboard. It’s an old tradition. I used to take her to work with me and let her crawl around under my whiteboard with a fist full of markers. She made the most amazing pictures. This…

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Pikachu Head Pillow Cosplay

Pikachu Head! Actually that’s a throw pillow of a Pokemon Pikachu, held in front of her face as though she were wearing a Pikachu Head. Do you dig spur-of-the-moment Cosplay? Note that Neko shirt. Err…. cat shirt. Powered…

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Making Lemonade the Old-fashioned Way

We made lemonade the old fashioned way. Walmart had a sale on organic lemons, so we got a bag, brought them home, and squeezed them into lemonade. I cut them in half across the middle and Tan did…

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